DIY Giant Gemstone Tablecloth

Gem Tablecloth1 copy

Hey Guys! So the other day I posted about the She’s a Gem shower that I threw for my soon to be sister this summer. One of my favourite decor pieces from the shower is this DIY gem tablecloth.

Shes a Gem-5

The best part about this tablecloth? HUGE IMPACT for tiny dollars! The whole thing cost me $30.

$20 – Plain white Tablecloth, H&M

$5 – Craft paint assorted colours (Micheals)

$5 – Freezer Paper (you can pick this up in Canada at superstore, or order it from Amazon)

I already had the craft brush but you can get foam brushes for about $1 so… I’m considering that a negligible expense!

The steps here are pretty easy. First, I made the cut file in Silhouette Studio, first by making a giant rectangle the size of the table cloth, and then putting the gems where-ish I wanted them, something like this:

Gem tablecloth copy

Unfortunately you do need to cut the freezer paper into 12inch x 12 inch squares and stick them to the cutting mat to cut them out, so we had to do this table cloth in stages, we’d cut out a square, iron it on and then cut out the next one. The gems are a good stencil because there are no ‘floating’ pieces, everything is connected.

Freezer Paper Tips:

  • Cut out the freezer paper with the shiny side down, no need to flip the image.
  • The settings I use are Blade 2, Speed 4 and thickness 7.

Then, you cut out the stencil pieces, one at a time. Once all the pieces are carefully ironed on, you can start painting!

Shes a Gem-2

Once they are all painted, something like this:

Shes a Gem-3

Then you can *very carefully* peel off the freezer paper. Let the table cloth dry and Voila! You now have a statement tablecloth for your next party!

Shes a Gem-6

Let me know in the comments what you’d put on a custom tablecloth!


She’s a Gem Bridal Shower

shes a gem copy 2

Sunday’s Party Roundup! Its been a crazy summer and I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but here is a custom shower for my soon-to-be sister in law!


I have the privilege this year of getting to be the Maid (well Matron, but that just sounds way too old!) of Honour in my brothers wedding! This also means that I get to plan some showers! I have been in a few weddings and have done a few showers, but this one was one of the most fun ones to put together, a She’s A Gem shower!

Shes a Gem-5

The Bride is a lover of all things that sparkle, and so am I! So the shower was themed around giant fun coloured gems. Guests were asked to wear something sparkly and the guest of honour wore a white sparkly dress, it worked out perfectly!

Shes a Gem

Guests snacked on chocolate gemstones and gemstone cupcakes, the cupcakes are just crushed jolly ranchers, they turned out great and tasted so good!

Shes a Gem-7

The house was decorated with multiple 3-D gems that I made with the other bridesmaid and a helper friend, I love them so much that they are still up in the house! IMG_0091

There was also this awesome diamond Piñata that we filled with mini (plastic) bottles of booze and ring pops, I got busy and didn’t get a chance to take a good photo of it, so please forgive me and bear with the wine bottles and coke cans in the background!


As the guests were leaving the each got their own Gem Stone soap, that had favour labels reading “From Katie’s Shower to Yours”.

Shes a Gem-4

All in we had a great night, and I’ll post about how to make your very own giant gem tablecloth for under $30 later this week!