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Technical Difficulty!

Hello! Please bear with me for a few days as I get my site back up and running. I logged on to find that my posts had mysteriously been archived. The only way to unarchive them is one. at. a. time. I should be back up and running soon!

Here’s the St. Patrick’s day baby photo a few days early as a thank you for your understanding!

Yes she is in a Lucky Charms milk bath. Yes her mom is crazy!

~ Chelsea

Champagne Bridal Shower

Cheers to all the Brides this year!

Well it is officially wedding season for me! I was invited to 2 bridal showers last weekend (I already showed off my current go-to bridal shower DIY gift with these throw pillows) and I had the pleasure of getting to help plan and decorate one of those showers. This bride is a lover of all things Taylor Swift and Champagne, so why not combine those loves into a custom fit Champagne Bridal shower for her?

There are lots of great ideas for a Champagne Bridal Shower on pinterest, and we custom fit some of those ideas for this event. One of the things I try to think about when planning a showers how will this shower fit in with the rest of the wedding events. I want the shower to suit the brides personality and I usually try to pull at least one of the wedding colours into the shower decor, that way if the photos from the shower will go into a photo album with the wedding photos there will still be a cohesive feel to the album. In this case the wedding colour is a soft blush pink and cream, and so for the shower decor we decided on shades pink and gold with a little bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure.

We made the ever popular tissue paper garland with a champagne themed one to go along with it.

Typical bridal shower goodies, including these adorable engagement ring cookies, fed the guests, while a Mimosa bar kept everyone from getting thirsty.

To decorate the table we sprayed champagne bottles (that we emptied while crafting!) gold and added some glitter for good measure. Another of my favourite party decorating tricks is using decorated card stock as either placemats or a table runner. In this case we got a paper pad from Micheals with a 40% off coupon and used the sheets as a table runner.

To incorporate Taylor Swift into the shower, the host had the great idea of using quotes in frames, similar to the Kate Spade Mothers Day from last year, set around the room as additional decor. The background for these quotes was also from that same paper pad to keep things cohesive.

And what shower is complete without games? We had a toilet paper dress competition, a round of shower bingo and then the host had the groom, and the family dog, help her with a fantastic ‘Between Two Ferns’ video that the bride loved! The favours were made by the host, a salt shower scrub and had tags designed matching the invitations and custom decor.

All in all it was a great shower and most importantly the Bride had a blast! If you liked this Champagne Bridal Shower then stay tuned for a very exciting announcement coming in the next week or so!

Happy Partying!


DIY Throw Pillows

Hello out there! Or should I say, Hello There Handsome!  I apologize for my long absence, but it has been for a good reason, I am working on something pretty sweet, if I do say so myself! In the mean time, I have been keeping busy with lots of crafting and home decorating that I will be posting about very soon.

Now onto todays post! If you are anything like me, then you might find yourself invited to a lot of bridal showers at this time of year, looking for cool fun and unique gifts to bring to them. I had 2 showers this weekend, and to help break in my Silhouette, with something other than planner stickers, I thought i’d use it to make some shower gifts. A quick (alright, all evening) trip to IKEA for supplies, and then an evening of cutting and ironing resulted in these DIY Throw Pillows!

I put them on my bed and liked them so much that I am heading out to IKEA to get more pillow cases!

Matching mugs completed the gift, which were also pretty easy to make and turned out so cute!

The Bride to Be and Groom To Be loved the gifts, and better yet they were easy and not expensive!

The pillow cases and mugs were from IKEA and I buy the heat transfer vinyl off Easy!

Happy Crafting!


Kate Spade Mothers Day

Wecome! Please excuse my mess while I try and figure out how this shiny new website works! In the mean time here is a flashback Thursday flashing back to Mothers Day for a Kate Spade Dinner Party! Enjoy!

I am a huge Kate Spade fan, and decided that mothers day is a great time to celebrate all things girly. I had a great time crafting all sorts of things for the party, however, I think my favourite craft was the mini balloon letter cake toppers from the photo above.Another super easy, and cheap craft with high impact is the tissue paper tassels that you see pretty much everywhere.

I choose light pink (since that was the table cloth I had on hand.. read: borrowed from my Mom) and added in the bold black and white graphic prints and then tried my hand at the mixed metal trend. I have a few copper things on hand, brass candle sticks and my china has a silver on it. The table runner? wrapping paper from the dollar store! same with the paper on buffet!

I also printed out a few Kate Spade quotes and put them in dollar store frames that I painted silver/copper and gold. They said things like “She leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes” and added a cute talking point at the table.

Instead of buying two bouquets for the Mom’s, I split up a few little bouquets and put the flowers in my copper mugs that I got for Christmas from my MIL and a few beer bottles that I spray painted silver. Overall it really added to the girly-ness of the table.

But my favorite part…. the bow napkins!

All in all it was a great party with good food and great company! Hope you all had a fantastic mothers day!

Thanks All!


Why Hello There!

I created this site in part to consolidate my previous cake blog ‘’ with an addition of a party/lifestyle blog all in one awesome place!   I have also found myself writing blog posts in my head for all the DIY home updates that have been happening around my house and thought this was a good time to incorporate those as well!

I am an Engineer by day utilizing my left side brain in logical thought, problem solving, and reasoning, however, I love to pack my evenings and weekends full of creative and crafty projects to provide an outlet for all my right side brain tendencies. I don’t think that most people are either one or the other; I think that to be a good problem solver you have to be a little creative, and my logical math skills help me with creating patterns for my craft projects. 

I met my husband (also an engineer) in university, and I largely have him to thank, during frequent study breaks, for my current taste in pop culture. He introduced me to Dr. Who and got me to come around onto the Star Trek bandwagon, I explained the Harry Potter movies to him, since he didn’t read the books past 4, and we are both fans of the resurgence of superheroes in mainstream media (why hello there Arrow and Flash, yes I will binge watch you for an entire weekend!), Indiana Jones (we actually ‘named the dog Indiana’) and of course Star Wars! Admittedly my Husband knows way more about the Star Wars universe and had a lot of the memorabilia growing up, but we have added to our self-admitted ‘nerd’ the collection at our house. Where other people hand art, we hand lightsabers and Marauders maps. Needless to say, we spend our money like grown-ups!

I think that’s most of what you need to know about me, now a little bit about this site, specifically the DIY Home section. I love pinterest. Not like, ‘oh ya I’ve heard of it and pin a few things’ I LOVE it. I am constantly pinning and finding new DIY ideas, or parts of ideas that, usually at three in the morning, turn into great ideas. Or anything I find particularly hilarious, which is most things, im a cheap laugh, pretty clothes or great gift ideas. SO. When my husband (lets call him ‘the Mr.’) mentioned that we should re-do our basement I tool that and RAN with it. Now, the only problem with pinterest projects is that lots of the cool stuff/supplies are sources in the US. Which is awesome… if you live in the US. We live in the great white North, Canada and love everything about it, except that sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on a particular supply/item that a) is sold at an American hardware store like Menards, or b) doesn’t ship to Canada or my favorite c) doesn’t ship overseas from the states, which on first glance makes you think, “sweet we live in Canada, no sea between Canada and the USA!”, until you realize that there is apparently an invisible sea there and they still don’t ship to Canada. So I will try very hard in my DIY’s to tell you where I got everything and where its available in Canada! Either in stores or shipped with via air, ground, bus or dog sled.

Alright, considering I thought this would be very hard and awkward to write, I managed to come up with a ton of info about me and the mr! Hope you enjoy this brand spanking new site, let me know in the comments if there is anything else you would like to see here, or just to say hi!

As mentioned, I am an engineer, and not one of the ones that happens to be good at grammar or spelling, please be patient with my overuse of commas, (I love them; commas on all the things!) or spelling mistakes!

Thanks all!