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She’s a Gem Bridal Shower

shes a gem copy 2

Sunday’s Party Roundup! Its been a crazy summer and I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but here is a custom shower for my soon-to-be sister in law!


I have the privilege this year of getting to be the Maid (well Matron, but that just sounds way too old!) of Honour in my brothers wedding! This also means that I get to plan some showers! I have been in a few weddings and have done a few showers, but this one was one of the most fun ones to put together, a She’s A Gem shower!

Shes a Gem-5

The Bride is a lover of all things that sparkle, and so am I! So the shower was themed around giant fun coloured gems. Guests were asked to wear something sparkly and the guest of honour wore a white sparkly dress, it worked out perfectly!

Shes a Gem

Guests snacked on chocolate gemstones and gemstone cupcakes, the cupcakes are just crushed jolly ranchers, they turned out great and tasted so good!

Shes a Gem-7

The house was decorated with multiple 3-D gems that I made with the other bridesmaid and a helper friend, I love them so much that they are still up in the house! IMG_0091

There was also this awesome diamond Piñata that we filled with mini (plastic) bottles of booze and ring pops, I got busy and didn’t get a chance to take a good photo of it, so please forgive me and bear with the wine bottles and coke cans in the background!


As the guests were leaving the each got their own Gem Stone soap, that had favour labels reading “From Katie’s Shower to Yours”.

Shes a Gem-4

All in we had a great night, and I’ll post about how to make your very own giant gem tablecloth for under $30 later this week!


Castle Coasters

Happy Hump Day everyone! Nothing makes me laugh harder than that old Gieco commercial with the talking camel and the sentiment rings true, lately I have been happier than a camel on hump day!


We had a good long weekend, I managed to clean out the spare room that we were using as a second junk room and start setting it up as a craft room. I got the room emptied out and painted, now all I need to do is decorate and fill it back up again! I will have a couple house posts coming up showing off the new craft room, and the basement that we have been working so hard on. All this work on the basement has also inspired me to  redecorate the upstairs so there will be some posts

When we aren’t working away on the basement or the craft room, I have been logging some serious craft hours with a friend. Her and I have really started to dive deep into the silhouette cameo crafting world. We have already had to replenish our Heat Transfer Vinyl supply 3 times and I now have more tee shirts with funny [read: awesome] things on them than I know what to do with. Here’s a sneak peak into something we’ve been working on that I could not be more excited about!

Sneak Peak

Now, did you know that you can iron heat transfer vinyl (HTV) onto tiles to make custom coasters? It’s super easy, and best of all, it hardly costs anything! I use the scraps of HTV leftover from other projects and the tiles are a whopping 35cents each. Seriously. 35 cents for a tile. That has got to be the cheapest hostess gift ever! For this set of castle coasters I bought this princess castle clipart from Etsy and turned four of the more fairytale castles into cut files in the Silhouette software

Castle Coasters

From there just cut out the castles on the cameo, weed off the excess and then place on the tile. I apologize for the lack of photos, I need to get better at taking them while crafting, but I just get so excited during that I forget to take photos for after. Anyway, after you iron them onto the tile according to the HTV’s instructions and peel off the plastic layer, just stick feet to the bottoms of the tiles, and voila! Castle coasters! We used little foam furniture feet, but I think I’m just going to use a drop of hot glue next time.

We also used the same cut files to make these adorable princess scotch glasses using etching cream and the silhouette stencil paper, but thats a post for another time! Also I need to find a better way to photograph etched glass. It is surprisingly hard! 

Castle Glasses


Have a good Wednesday and happy crafting!