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Champagne Bridal Shower

Cheers to all the Brides this year!

Well it is officially wedding season for me! I was invited to 2 bridal showers last weekend (I already showed off my current go-to bridal shower DIY gift with these throw pillows) and I had the pleasure of getting to help plan and decorate one of those showers. This bride is a lover of all things Taylor Swift and Champagne, so why not combine those loves into a custom fit Champagne Bridal shower for her?

There are lots of great ideas for a Champagne Bridal Shower on pinterest, and we custom fit some of those ideas for this event. One of the things I try to think about when planning a showers how will this shower fit in with the rest of the wedding events. I want the shower to suit the brides personality and I usually try to pull at least one of the wedding colours into the shower decor, that way if the photos from the shower will go into a photo album with the wedding photos there will still be a cohesive feel to the album. In this case the wedding colour is a soft blush pink and cream, and so for the shower decor we decided on shades pink and gold with a little bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure.

Champagne Bridal Shower Banner

We made the ever popular tissue paper garland with a champagne themed one to go along with it.

Champagne Bridal Shower Cookies

Typical bridal shower goodies, including these adorable engagement ring cookies, fed the guests, while a Mimosa bar kept everyone from getting thirsty.

Champagne Bridal Shower

To decorate the table we sprayed champagne bottles (that we emptied while crafting!) gold and added some glitter for good measure. Another of my favourite party decorating tricks is using decorated card stock as either placemats or a table runner. In this case we got a paper pad from Micheals with a 40% off coupon and used the sheets as a table runner.
Champagne Bridal Shower Table

To incorporate Taylor Swift into the shower, the host had the great idea of using quotes in frames, similar to the Kate Spade Mothers Day from last year, set around the room as additional decor. The background for these quotes was also from that same paper pad to keep things cohesive.

Champagne Bridal Shower Pictures

And what shower is complete without games? We had a toilet paper dress competition, a round of shower bingo and then the host had the groom, and the family dog, help her with a fantastic ‘Between Two Ferns’ video that the bride loved! The favours were made by the host, a salt shower scrub and had tags designed matching the invitations and custom decor.

Champagne Bridal Shower Favours

All in all it was a great shower and most importantly the Bride had a blast! If you liked this Champagne Bridal Shower then stay tuned for a very exciting announcement coming in the next week or so!

Happy Partying!


Birthday Dinner Party

There is nothing I like more than throwing a killer dinner party, so of course for my Birthday, the real treat for me was planning and decorating the dinner table for a Birthday Dinner Party!

Birthday Dinner Party
Birthday Dinner Party


Usually I have a theme for my parties, since it was my birthday the theme was ‘things  I found love’. For example, I love floral table cloths (This particular one was a Birthday present from my Grandma!) I love copper, and because almost my whole kitchen is done in copper, I often get copper items as gifts. My fabulous mother-in-law got me a roll of this copper mesh, which I have used on literally every table i’ve decorated since I got it, I love it!

Since I have an abundance of copper, and I liked the way it looked with my floral table cloth, a copper centre piece was obvious. I have a few copper mugs that I filled with flowers I got at costco, and then I found this copper cupcake ferris wheel at home sense that is downright whimsical.

Copper Love

I didn’t have time to make cupcakes (mostly because I spent the week leading up to my dinner party on pinterest or at home sense and NOT making crafts like I should have been!) so I filled the cupcake spots with flowers as well! These ones are fake so they wouldn’t need water, and because I had some left over from my party hat craft!

One of my favourite table decorating tips is to decorate with paper! I often use wrapping paper as the table runner, this time I used scrap-booking paper I got on sale as place mats, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Party Hat Dinner Party

I topped the plates off with hand stamped napkins (tutorial coming very soon!) and then hand made party hats! Because really, what is a party without party hats? The hats were also made from the same pad of paper that the placemats are from, the boys got these ones with the gold fringe (because copper tissue paper is shockingly hard to find) Party Hats

And to keep in line with the floral theme the girls got floral hats! I just cut up a floral garland I got on sale at Micheal’s and hot glued the blooms to the party hats. By the end of the hat making extravaganza my hands were covered in teeny tiny glue gun burns!

Party Hat And in the back of that photo you can see another of my favourite things… salt and pepper shakers! I read somewhere once that all good tables should be set with a salt and pepper shaker for every 2 people. I assume they mean those tiny little fancy ones, I unfortunately don’t have those, I do however have a rather abundant collection of S&P’s and did place one for every 2 people. One of my favourites for this table were these party animals, hippo’s wearing hats!

Hippo S&P

I also made some banners and bunting to decorate the house, but I am struggling to get good pictures of them so bear with me, in the mean time, I’ll show you this meh picture of some of it…


I will try to take pictures in natural daylight so you will have to wait until next weekend since winter here means leaving for and coming home from work in the dark!

And a Birthday dinner party wouldn’t be a party without treat bags! I made some strawberries and cream macaroons and added them to these little bags topped of with coloured yarn and more paper from the same paper pad. (Which I obviously got my moneys worth out of!)

Party Hat Dinner Party

Anyway, I had a great time decorating and planning my little dinner party, and I think everyone had a good time at it so in my books thats a success! Here is a last parting shot of the table, Have a good week!


Party Hat Dinner Party