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Well… we are officially in December and it is officially Christmas season! I’m not allowed to decorate the house until December 1 and it always seems like such a long wait between Halloween and Christmas Decorating Day! This year though its December 7th and I still dont have the decorations up! I blame the basement… we’ve spent almost every evening and definatly every weekend downstairs working away on first destructing then constructing the basement and we are (finally) almost done! I will show pics of some of the projects that we’ve been working away on really soon. There are some good ones! But in the mean time I have been holding onto these pics for a while and finally get to write about them! I like doing ‘make the presents’ for Christmas, but I sometimes struggle on what to make. A couple Christmas’ ago I settled on Christmas Hampers that contained a little bit of everything!
Christmas HamperThe home made part of the hampers contained:

  •  BBQ Sauce for the Guys
  • Vanilla Bath Salts for the Ladies
  • Ice Cream Sauces (Butterscotch, Chocolate and Christmas Preserves)
  • Chocolate Salami (Which I promise, has not meat and it actually way tastier than you’d think!)
  • Gingerbread Truffles
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Christmas Cookies
  • Dog/Cat treats (from our puppy to their puppy/kitty!)
  • Dip Mix Ornaments

and then I bought a few things for each hamper to round them out a bit.Christmas Hamper These were:

  • Flavoured olive oil/vinegar set
  • Cheese tray
  • Funny napkins/tea towels depending on the recipiant
  • a small donation to WWF that comes with a small plush


I printed off the labels on sticky paper from staples, the labels themselves were a download from Lia Griffith here…  I think they tuned out really well!

Christmas Hamper

For the younger couples, they got an ice cream gift set. It contained two bowls, home made ice cream sauces and home meade ice cream (my favorite was the wine flavoured one!) and then of course sprinkles, because whats ice cream without sprinkles?

Ice Cream Gift

I had also just started a new found knitting obsession, so each couple also got a knit throw to go with their Christmas Hamper. Sorry, my pictures are getting better this year I promise (or at least I hope!)

Knit Throw

The Christmas Hampers were well recieved, everyone enjoyed finding new surprises everytime they dug deeper! Last year I ran out of time and didnt get around to making hampers. This year, I am running out of time, but I have been pinning ideas on a secret board ALL YEAR so I will hopefully get back to Christmas Hampers for everyone! I hope this post helps inspire some home made Christmas gifts from your homes!



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