DIY Giant Gemstone Tablecloth

Gem Tablecloth1 copy

Hey Guys! So the other day I posted about the She’s a Gem shower that I threw for my soon to be sister this summer. One of my favourite decor pieces from the shower is this DIY gem tablecloth.

Shes a Gem-5

The best part about this tablecloth? HUGE IMPACT for tiny dollars! The whole thing cost me $30.

$20 – Plain white Tablecloth, H&M

$5 – Craft paint assorted colours (Micheals)

$5 – Freezer Paper (you can pick this up in Canada at superstore, or order it from Amazon)

I already had the craft brush but you can get foam brushes for about $1 so… I’m considering that a negligible expense!

The steps here are pretty easy. First, I made the cut file in Silhouette Studio, first by making a giant rectangle the size of the table cloth, and then putting the gems where-ish I wanted them, something like this:

Gem tablecloth copy

Unfortunately you do need to cut the freezer paper into 12inch x 12 inch squares and stick them to the cutting mat to cut them out, so we had to do this table cloth in stages, we’d cut out a square, iron it on and then cut out the next one. The gems are a good stencil because there are no ‘floating’ pieces, everything is connected.

Freezer Paper Tips:

  • Cut out the freezer paper with the shiny side down, no need to flip the image.
  • The settings I use are Blade 2, Speed 4 and thickness 7.

Then, you cut out the stencil pieces, one at a time. Once all the pieces are carefully ironed on, you can start painting!

Shes a Gem-2

Once they are all painted, something like this:

Shes a Gem-3

Then you can *very carefully* peel off the freezer paper. Let the table cloth dry and Voila! You now have a statement tablecloth for your next party!

Shes a Gem-6

Let me know in the comments what you’d put on a custom tablecloth!



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