Geometric Dog Prints

Geometric Dog Prints

So it’s officially February and my birthday month is officially over (*tears*) can you hear my husband sigh in relief? Speaking of my awesome husband, he got me a fantastic birthday present… a silhouette cameo! I started reading up on all the cool things they could do back in December, and even made the poor guy watch the video after Christmas. So he searched the city for one in time for my birthday, and was then shocked, blown away even that there were none to be found! He couldn’t believe how popular they are! So he ordered one on Amazon and it arrived at the end of January. I have hardly been doing anything but crafting since I opened the box so its probably for the best that it didn’t come earlier!

My first trial with it was making stickers, which I will post about a bit later, but the thing I really wanted was to make something for the house, some sort of picture or something.

I was inspired by this post over at Dwell Beautiful, where she made these great Geometric Foxes!

Dwell Beautiful - Geometric Fox Art

I showed my husband, and he wasn’t thrilled at the idea of the foxes, so I decided to alter it a bit and make these Geometric dog prints. We have a large lab/collie cross, her name is Indiana or indy for short (from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Sean Connery;s great line at the end ‘We named the dog Indiana’. Yep we’re nerds) so I thought this would be a good compromise, something for me to make on the cameo, and something to hang at the back entrance by the dog stuff. Im sorry I don’t have a picture of them hanging yet, but I need to get a ladder to hang them up and I was so excited to show them off!

To make the print, I first printed out a silhouette of a dog that was a similar size and shape to our dog. Something like this…

Greater Swiss Mt Dog

I then traced the outline, and using a ruler make the geometric lines running thru the dog to get the final look. Here is my rough drawing:

Geometric Dog Print

I snapped a picture of my drawing and imported it into the silhouette cameo software. From there I just added cut line and messed around with the settings until it looked the way I wanted it to! And lucky for you, you can skip this step because i’ve attached the cut file for you to make your own geometric dog prints.

You can download the file here: DIY Geometric Dog Print Cut File

Once I had the cut lines the way I wanted them, I loaded in the sticky back vinyl into the cutter and sent the file over to the cameo to watch it do its magic! Once it was cut out I transferred the pieces over to the canvas and ta da! Dog Art! Protip: The sticky back vinyl does not stick to canvas very well. I think if I were to do it again I would stick it to paper and frame the prints.

Geometric Dog Prints

Don’t judge the file to harshly, it was my first time in the software so I’m sure it could have been done a bit better but I’m learning and the final product turned out pretty good! I used the negative from the one print to make a second, like Dwell beautiful, and the white one reminds me of the dog I grew up with Buster, which couldn’t have worked out better! Here’s a snapshot of my muses for this project, Indy and Buster! Indy’s got the crazy eyes in this pic.

Buster and Indy

Hope you enjoy the cut file, if you make something out of it i’d love to see it! Send me a photo of the finished product!





  1. These look so great!!! I’m so flattered that you were inspired by my fox prints 🙂 Aren’t geometric animals just the best?? I love how you customized these to be like Indy. And I agree – the vinyl just doesn’t stick to canvas that well, but if you spray paint or paint it first then it does stick a bit better 🙂

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