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Pendant Light Title

So part of re-doing the back entrance was replacing the old fan that was there. The fan was kinda in a strange spot and it didn’t really fit with the look of what I was going for. The only issue was finding something that would a) fit in the space and b) fit in the budget. I wanted an industrial styled light but for less that $100. I searched high and low for something that is available in Canada with no luck. But then I found this gem at! Its perfect for my Industrial Pendant Light D.I.Y!
Pendant Light Before Pendant Light Before

I made sure that I bought the one with the back cord since I didn’t want to have to paint the cord as well.

Here is what you need for this project:

  • Light ($60 – hurray for coupons!)
  • Tape (Already had)
  • Black spray paint ($11)
  • Metallic copper/gold craft paint ($2)
  • Cheap brushes ($2)
  • LED Edison Bulb ($13 – also Home Depot)

Total: $88! wewt!

First step, tape everything you dont want painted.

DIY Pendant Light - Before

Here is the underside of the light before, taped and ready to go!

DIY Pendant Light - Before
Now break out the trusty spray paint!

DIY Pendant Light - Painted!So far, I am absolutely loving it!

Spray painting tip: Don’t leave the spray painted object flat on floor where you sprayed it to dry. The spray paint stuck to the garbage bag and made a not as nice edge around the bottom of the light.

DIY Pendant Light - Before

Easy fix though, I sanded down the edge before painted the underside. I wanted the inside to be more of a copper than a gold to go with all the copper in my kitchen. (You can see the light from my kitchen.) I used Martha Stewart craft paint in metallic copper from Michael’s and painted it on with a very cheap wide brush. I wanted to be able to see the brush strokes.

IMG_2179IMG_2178You have to be super careful when you can see the brush strokes. This is super easy, just squeeze a giant blob onto the light and then brush it on in nice smooth circles. You’re almost done now! To finish up I used a small paintbrush to paint a copper line around the edge of the light for a nice clean finish.

All that you need now is an LED Edison bulb to complete the look. And the LED bulbs don’t get as hot so you don’t have to worry about the DIY customization! Here is the finished light! 
DIY Pendant Light

Sorry for the blurry light, it was hard to get a good picture of it! And that’s it! I am loving the new light in my new back entrance, I think it suits the room well, and cost less that $100!

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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