DIY Pallet Wall

PHEW! Alright this post is a little late because I was STALKING the cineplex website for Star Wars tickets! Gottem! Opening night, you will be able to find me with the worlds largest tub of popcorn and a giant diet coke sitting in front of a huge screen watching STAR WARS! …alright… calming down from my ticket buying high…. moving on to something (almost) as exciting…. my new pallet wall in the back entrance of my house!

Pallet Wall

We are preparing to (re)finish our basement, but in the mean time I thought that the back entrance needed some sprucing up, especially since its how we get into the basement! I have been considering a chalkboard wall for sometime, and thought that the back entrance would be a good place for one, but then what should I do with the remainder of the walls in the back entrance?  I was looking for a feature wall of sorts. Our house has lots on interior brick, so I didn’t want to overdo anything since you can see this wall from our kitchen, so… I browed pinterest and came up with the perfect solution, a pallet wall! Since I find pallets are (extremely) hard to come by, we set about making our faux-pallet wall on a budget.  I wont go into a full tutorial here, I loosely followed this one from ‘This Nest Is Best’.

Here is what my back entrance looked like before ->

Here’s what you need to get started for your very own DIY Pallet Wall!

  • Cheap pine boards from Home Depot, the knotty-er the better. ($60)
  • 3 colours of stain (I used a ‘Golden Pecan’, ‘Red Mahogany’, and a ‘dark ash’ stain, both gel and liquid) ($15)
  • Nail-gun/Nails (which we already had, thanks handy hubby!) you could use a hammer/nails but it will take you a bit longer
  • Misc: rags, brushes, level, pencil, stud finder
  • Mitre saw (again, thanks handy hubby for letting me borrow your tools!)

Total cost = $85 woohoo!

Now remember when your Mom told you to measure twice cut once? That also applies to buying boards. We under-estimated how tall the ceiling was and ran out of boards (approximately 1 board short!) easy to fix but it did take a bit of extra time. Here is the wall when it was almost done:

I love it already!

The only downside with this project, is that it looked so good when it went up that the paint in the rest of the back entrance looked… not as good, beat up and old would be more accurate. So my mom and I set out to find a new colour and start painting! We went with a chocolate mud brown from Sherwin Williams (at this paint was pretty good, it went on like pudding and hardly sprayed at all.

To complete the look of the back entrance we also painted a large chalkboard wall, diy-d an awesome new light fixture (to replace the old fan you can see in the above pictures), and a couple other small things that made a huge difference! I’ll post final pics of the completed room (for lack of a better word) shortly! Here is a sneak peak at the finished back entrance:

Pallet Wall - Finished

Sorry the light looks more yellow in photos, its hard to get a good photo in the evening in Canada, it gets dark earlier this time of year!

It took a weekend, but I absolutely LOVE how the wall turned out. I would recommend this project to anyone who is thinking about an easy feature wall. It was a short (weekend length) project that has a high impact for a low cost. Let me know in the comments if you have done one or want to do one soon! (And don’t forget to send pics, and where you sourced your supplies in Canada if you can!)

Thanks all and happy Monday!



My (Someday) Upstairs

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Alright, welcome to my new blog! Here is a quick introduction post just to get the ball rolling…
Home Style – Small(ish) 1955 Bungalow, lots of original hardwood and interior brick. Love the place! Its not overly large but we have lots of fun here!
Design Styles I like – Mid Century Modern, Industrial, vintage-y, slightly nerdy, anything that can be spray painted copper!
Current blogging companion – My 3 year old dog Indiana (Indy for short… “We named the dog Indiana” – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. yep my husband and I are slightly nerdy) she is demanding a tug of war game so if there are any editing errors blame it on me typing with one hand while the other plays tug of war.
So here is the current plan… we moved into our house in December 2011 and it was pretty move in ready.
It has been renovated a few times over its life time, the most recent being in 2008. The upstairs is larger than the apartment we moved out of and in very good shape, almost nothing needed to be done, I just painted the bedroom and then we moved in our furniture. The basement is finished but was probably done a while ago, the walls are wood paneling that has been painted over and the ceiling is half drop ceiling and half some old tile ceiling. We have 2 bedrooms in the basement and 1 large ‘rumpas’ room. The plan as it stands now is to convert the small bedroom in the basement into my husbands office, then refinish/update the rumpas room turning it into our main family room and games room. This will involve all sorts of DIY projects and fun things! My plan is to share these DIY’s and other fun things with the interwebs while using all products that can be easily sourced in CANADA. Since I spend a good portion of my time on Pinterest trying to find a Canadian substitute for all the cool things that can usually be found in Target (or somewhere similar) for super cheap!
So lets get started shall we? Part of re-doing the basement is that a good portion of the furniture upstairs is getting moved downstairs… which means…. new furniture upstairs! I love the mid-century modern style, essentially I would love my living room to look like Samantha Steven’s from bewitched.

Ah… love it. Here is what I’m looking at furniture wise right now….

To be fair… I love the couch.. actually I bought it today. It was less than half price! Sometimes the bay has great sales! Now just to wait for a chair on sales at IKEA for the lovely green chair (and footstool… it has the most adorable foot stool!) It is actually a re-release of a chair that IKEA sold in the 60’s. I haven’t settled on the club chair yet. I like the idea of the club chair… they are just $$$ so I am still looking for a lower cost option… actually I kinda like these guys… 

Also from IKEA, I love that IKEA is bringing back some old favorites! As for the coffee table, we probably wont actually buy one. My husband is a pretty handy guy and we got some old coffee tables at a garage sale that have the right legs so hopefully he can make me a wooden top for a bit less $$ and out of real wood! Then I just need some bright pillows and a cool rug to pull it all together! I love these rugs, I found them on pinterest so I am still looking to see if they can be shipped to Canada for a reasonable amount of money or for a Canadian option.

What my husband calls “The Balloon Rug”

Anyway, its getting late for me and I’m off to bed to probably dream about couch colours, coming up soon are some lighting DIY’s and how I squeezed 2 feature walls into my house’s tiny back entrance.