Star Wars Countdown – Christmas Ornaments

3 More Sleeps! Yoda Ornament

Yesterday I posted about Star Wars Christmas Cookies, today I want to quickly show you the craft I mentioned using the cookie cutters, Star Wars Christmas Ornaments (that look suspiciously like cookies, but are actually WAY easier to make and decorate!)

I bought some sculpty at Michael’s, rolled it out like cookie dough and then cut out cookie ornaments, remember to poke the hole in the top for the ornament hook! (or add a bobby pin before you bake them for the hook!) Then bake at 275 F for 15 mins per 1/4 inch of sculpty thickness. I rolled my ‘cookies’ to about 1/4 inch so I baked them for 15 mins. let them cool and then paint with acrylic paint! Easy peasy!

Star Wars 'cookie' ornament

The Millennium Falco looks a little see thru in this pic, I didn’t get a chance to paint the back before taking the pic, I think that’ll help with the see-thru-ness. If you wanted these to stand out then add some glitter while the paint is still wet.

The cookie cutters imprint the design on the dough (clay or cookie) so to make the imprint stand out a bit more I painted the ornaments one solid colour (green for Yoda, silver for the millennium falcon) and then when it was dry I made sure my brush was really wet and I painted a very thin layer of watered down black that flowed into the imprints, and then wiped off the black to show the green/silver underneath. A quick tip here…. don’t get impatient and paint the black too soon. You might (read: will) have to re-paint the whole thing green/silver and then wait for it to dry again. You’d think i’d’ve figured this out after the first one, nope not me! I probably had to repaint 5 or 6 of the darn things.

These Star Wars Christmas Ornaments are going to go great on my nerdy movie/TV themed basement tree… I picked up supplies for the tree topper tonight, it’s not Star Wars themed but I think it will be perfect!

Night all!



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