Star Wars Countdown – Star Wars Cookies

IMG_0077Only 4 more sleeps until the new movie! (or 3 for some lucky people that are going Thursday night! Jealous!) So with Star Wars happening so close to Christmas, it seemed like a good idea to post about some Star Wars cookies just in time for Christmas parties! I got some Star Wars cookie cutters a few years ago from Williams Sonoma, they don’t have the exact set but they do have these ones! Star Wars 8 Piece Cookie Cutter Set. My set sadly doesn’t have Chewie or Artoo (who is hands down my favourite character)… maybe Santa will bring me those ones!

Cookie Cutters


Now truthfully I made these Star Wars cookies a couple years ago, at Christmas though so it still counts! Im looking for all photos but I seemed to have misplaced some of them… oh well these will have to do for now.



Im making a new craft with these cookie cutters that I will hopefully show later this week, hint they are going to be proudly displayed on our basement Movie/TV Christmas tree. Thats right, the basement is finished enough to already have a Christmas Tree!

IMG_0761Cookie CuttersAlright, I’m off to bed to check one more sleep off the list! Night All!

~ Chelsea




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