Star Wars Countdown – Day 1

Duuuuun Duuuun Dun Dun Dun DAAAAAAAN duuuun dun dun dun DAAAAAAD dun da da da daaaaa!!!!

Thats No Moon...

Just in case you didn’t catch that, it’s the theme song to STAR WARS! Read it again while humming ht song, go ahead, i’ll wait!


So, if you’re new here, I am a pretty big, self declared nerd. My husband is also a pretty big nerd. We cannot wait until next Friday, known affectionately as STAR WARS DAY in our house, when we finally get to see STAR WARS Episode 7! In honour of the new movie i’ve rounded up some of my favourite Star Wars cakes/crafts and thing and we will do a count down of sorts until the big day!

To kick things off for our Star Wars Countdown – Day 7, on of my favourite Star Wars cakes that i’ve made so far is this Death Star cake! I made it using a wilton ball cake pan, and used an upside down martini glass as the cake stand.




I covered it into grey fondant and used royal icing to make the details along with blue and silver sprinkles to look like tiny lights, all in I think they achieved the effect I was after!


All in I think it turned out pretty well and I’d love to hear your comments and when you plan on checking out the new movie!

Have a great weekend and may the force be with you!





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