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DIY Throw Pillows

Hello out there! Or should I say, Hello There Handsome!  I apologize for my long absence, but it has been for a good reason, I am working on something pretty sweet, if I do say so myself! In the mean time, I have been keeping busy with lots of crafting and home decorating that I will be posting about very soon.

Now onto todays post! If you are anything like me, then you might find yourself invited to a lot of bridal showers at this time of year, looking for cool fun and unique gifts to bring to them. I had 2 showers this weekend, and to help break in my Silhouette, with something other than planner stickers, I thought i’d use it to make some shower gifts. A quick (alright, all evening) trip to IKEA for supplies, and then an evening of cutting and ironing resulted in these DIY Throw Pillows!

I put them on my bed and liked them so much that I am heading out to IKEA to get more pillow cases!

Matching mugs completed the gift, which were also pretty easy to make and turned out so cute!

The Bride to Be and Groom To Be loved the gifts, and better yet they were easy and not expensive!

The pillow cases and mugs were from IKEA and I buy the heat transfer vinyl off amazon.ca. Easy!

Happy Crafting!